• The Anatomy of Paradise

    Contemporary representation of the Pacific body is the theme of The Anatomy of Paradise. By using the body as both subject and object, the artists address this theme, through live performances, moving image, installation and photography. Bringing into question, how does the pacific body negotiate itself in twenty-first century Aotearoa? “The exhibition presents a fluid vision of identity, one that is not fixed in the false dualism of minority and majority,” says curator Angela Tiatia.


    This exhibition is proudly supported by Tautai Contemporary Pacific Arts Trust during Pasifika Festival 2012 season.


    Curated by Angela Tiatia. Artists include: Darcelle Apelu, Tanu Gago, Ahilapalapa Rands, Nastashia Simeona, Kalisolaite ‘Uhila and Vaimaila Urale.


    22 February - 10 March


    Artstation, Ponsonby, Auckland.                             


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