• 09Sep

    Contemporary Artefacts | Chris Charteris

    Contemporary artefacts by Chris Charteris is a collection of sculptural and adornment pieces that resonate with the old world and the new. Charteris draws on his own diverse ancestry to reflect on the interconnected nature of cultural forms in a time of increasing globalisation. Influenced by Polynesian patterns, tools, ceremonial objects and body adornment, the artist celebrates these traditional art forms and brings them into the present day. Charteris’ practice engages us on multiple levels, from the environmental and the spiritual, the hand-crafted and the natural, in ways that cross time and cultures.



    Corban Estate Arts Centre
    2 Mt Lebanon Lane
    PO BOX 21 526

    CEAC is open 7 days a week from 10am – 4.30pm, and entry to the exhibitions is free.

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