• Call For Submissions – Demo Project


    FREE SPEECH is DEMO’s first show for 2018, and is a selected exhibition open to the public from the April 6-8, 2018.


    Demo are interested in exhibiting work of any scale and of any material that uses text or typography or the written, spoken or recorded word that addresses the performance and signification of language.


    Works will be selected on the basis of quality and appropriateness: if the work offers up insights into how language operates diversely in the world as sign, and is expressed through the form of an artwork, or spoken/performed/recorded/published word in an interesting or engaging way, we will include it where scale and time allows.


    Demo are proposing a physical exhibition, followed by an evening performance (if appropriate) on Thursday 5th or Friday 6th April (tbc).


    The selection of works (made by the DEMO team) will attempt to represent diverse approaches to the use of text, language or the word: forms such as, but not limited to: image, linguistic structures, conversation, declaration, denotation, inscription, tag, testimony, chronicle, recording, poem, narrative, statement and/or instruction and will be selected so as to represent a range of forms including but not limited to: performance to camera, lecture performance, sculptural object, photography and lens based media including video, sound work, drawing, written work, installation, printmaking and painting.


    Please submit up to two images (jpeg, pdf) of the intended work(s) and a title for each work submitted for selection to this email address


    If you need or want further information write to us at


    Submissions are due Monday 26 March.

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