• To and Fro

    An exploration of potential, of shifting frameworks and pushing boundaries – this project is a weaving of multiple narratives, discordant and harmonious, without predetermined outcomes. It encourages innovative practices and cross pollination, but does not require them.


    An experimental framework seeks to provoke a collision of idea(l)s and practice/s, transforming the gallery into a site of both presentation and enquiry. Fluid, the project is being shaped via negotiation and the accumulation of shared knowledge; back and forth, to and fro. The artists may be diverse in background and trajectory, but performance is their common tongue and they have been in dialogue for months.


    After three days of artists’ workshops, the public programming will commence. Over six weeks the artists will participate in a series of rolling residencies on site. Individual parameters are loosely pre-defined. The gallery space, populated only with their performative practices, will change often, sometimes daily. Some of the work is pre-planned, some is still being made, and some of it will not be finished within the context of the project. New work, rehearsals, workshops, ongoing explorations, and research continue to accrete. One-off performances and events will be advertised as the project unfurls.


    It ends as it begins; in motion.


    Includes Darcell Apelu


    July 11 – August 23

    Artspace, 300 Karangahape Road, Auckland

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