• 16Jul

    Kalisoliate ‘Uhila works onsite at the Adam Art Gallery

    As the Adam Art Gallery exhibition Inhabiting Space draws to a close they are pleased to announce the following events this weekend. From sharing a pen with pigs to voluntarily sleeping rough in the inner city streets of Auckland, the performances of Kalisoliate ‘Uhila are difficult to ignore. ‘Uhila’s provocative activities are grounded in his unique experiences as a Tongan artist living and working in Auckland. In his recent works he has increasingly turned away from the spectacle sometimes associated with endurance-based performances, towards increasingly subtle and at times unannounced interventions in public spaces.


    ‘Uhila describes his current activities with the Tongan phrase ‘maumau taimi’, which translates as both ‘wasting time’ and ‘the gift of time’. Responding directly to Fred Sandback’s endeavour to create ‘a drawing which is habitable’, ‘Uhila will be present in the vicinity of the gallery from 9am – 5pm on Saturday 16 July. He brings with him malleable materials sympathetic with Sandback’s use of acrylic yarn and will intuitively develop performance-based drawing activities onsite. ‘Uhila’s intentions for these activities is that they provoke thought about the differences between Western and Tongan concepts of time. Pop in to see him in action over the course of Saturday and come back on Sunday to hear him speak about his practice.



    Sunday 17 July, 2 – 3pm
    Evangeline Riddiford Graham and Kalisoliate ‘Uhila
    in discussion with Stephen Cleland

    Please join artists Evangeline Riddiford Graham and Kalisoliate ‘Uhila discussing their distinctive practices.



    Adam Art Gallery
    Victoria University of Wellington

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