• Miracles

    Miracles is a display of works by Daniel, who has exhibited and performed work in a variety of gallery and non-gallery spaces since 2005.  This is his second solo art exhibition and it explores the presence of miraculous elements in everyday life – the way in which positive events occur on the fringes of what we can expect or explain.

    Along with experiences that cannot be explained by science, the artworks in this show examine experiences that have the texture of miracles – events that stem from our human capacity for compassion, contemplation, leadership, perseverance, and all forms of talent that manifest in people.

    As well as his artwork, Daniel has published poetry, short fiction and essays, including having work anthologized in Niu Voices: Contemporary Pacific Fiction edited by Selina Tusitala Marsh. He is a previous runner-up to the prestigious Katherine Mansfield Memorial Award.

    As the sun and moon continue their movement through night and day, dependably – if not with indifference toward our short lives – we each grow, and change the world a fraction with our growth. By changing ourselves in the present we change the conditions in which the next generation grows up; hence, we shape the future every day. As individuals, families, and communities we are surrounded by serious problems to which solutions seem far away – but the miraculous human ability to help others, and to help oneself, leaves an opening for hope. – Daniel Satele


    Daniel Satele


    2 December – 24 December


    Fresh Gallery Otara, Auckland

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