• Neon Bootleg | FAFSWAG

    Mistress Moe Laga, Taleni Mapu, Mother COVEN, FAFSWAG

    Neon Bootleg

    21 November – 25 November 2017

    Basement Theatre

    Auckland Central






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    Neon Bootleg



    “Neon” noun- Fluorescent lighting or signs using neon or another gas. The neon chapel where sins are purged. “Bootleg” adjective – A recording made, distributed, or sold illegally.



    Neon Bootleg is a ceremonial water-cleansing that revisits a period of 90’s nostalgia usually off limits to my untrustworthy memories and wild imagination.  Or so I thought… The truth lives somewhere between the jagged edges and neon lights, the bedsheets and the holy water. This is the unauthorised autobiography of Mistress Moe Laga, Taleni Mapu, Mother COVEN.



    Basement Theatre

    Lower Greys Avenue (by Civic Carpark)
    Auckland CBD 1010

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