• The Tautai of Digital Winds

    A Kinetic Wayfinding Theatre Production:


    The Tautai of Digital Winds is an epic South Auckland Theatre production in support of suicide awareness and prevention. The production is a merger of two plays written by Sione’s Wedding star Iaheto Ah Hi; giving insight into the growing influence of social media and technology in the day to day lives of urban Pacific teens growing up in Aotearoa.


    The first instalment Tautai, introduces us to a 16 year old Tokelauan boy Maui Inati. An ambitious, free-spirited car thief teen and founder of the “Da Biz” crew; Maui is on an unstoppable mission to emulate his late criminal brother; Tavita. Tavita growing up in the late 90’s was tough, fearless, ruthless, and known for all the wrong reasons. While trying to make “Da Biz” known on the streets as the next big thing, Maui is roadblocked by none other than that of an upstanding South Auckland cop; Sipugi Upega. Sipugi, Tavita’s right hand man back in the 90’s, fights to stay loyal to his job and serving his community, whilst trying to keep the wayward teen in check.


    Maui’s perception of the world changes when he finds out the truth about his brother’s death. As he battles with the loss of his beloved mother, and isolation from his hardworking factory father; the cold hard truth forces Maui to re-evaluate the choices he has made, and the emotional toll his actions have taken on those that love him.


    Interwoven into the third part of the trilogy of plays, Digital Winds carries the wind from Tautai to that of teens growing up in a sophisticated world of digital self projection. Teenagers have developed a language code of their own; a ‘Tumblr’ of that self projection where images – rather than words, explain a young girl’s inner torment. Celeste struggles to find her place in the world and although subjected to the many hands of peer pressure, love at first sight, and the ongoing battles in her mind; she finds a sense of purpose in a church youth group run by Sipugi. This young, passionate Samoan cop contends with the average teenage angst while secretly dealing with his own personal grief.


    Funny, emotional and inspiring; The Tautai of Digital Winds is a poignant urban story that gives voice to the issues of cultural alienation of Pacific teens in Aotearoa. It speaks about their cultural disconnection and the search for identity.


    With a large cast of both seasoned and new, The Tautai of Digital Winds promises to be electrifying, fresh, vibrant and innovative, with unforgettable characters shared through the fuse of both hip hop theatre and multimedia performance art.


    Written and Directed By Iaheto Ah Hi and Co-directed by Leilani Clarke.


    5 August – 16 August


    Mangere Arts Centre, Cnr of Bader and Orly Drive, Auckland

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