• Unique project involves trading artworks for food to be gifted to Auckland City Mission


    The Art4Food project is a collaboration between Tautai, Auckland City Mission, St Matthews and artist Tiffany Singh, whose work forms part of the Changing Lanes series that will transform some of Auckland’s urban spaces during Artweek Auckland, 8-16 October 2016.


    The Art4Food project aims to create lines of communication and facilitate a cross-cultural dialogue between artist, community partners and audience, by making artworks accessible and available in exchange for food that is gifted to Auckland City Mission.


    On Saturday 8 October artist Tiffany Singh will use ribbons and fair trade bells to create an installation at the pohutukawa tree on the corner of Federal and Hobson Streets by St Matthew-in-the-City – before adding her unique wax artworks.


    During Late Night Art, Wednesday 12 October (5pm-9pm), people can obtain one of these artworks by donating a 450g can of salmon – one of the items in Auckland City Mission food parcels; or they can obtain several artworks by donating $23 or $65 payable to St Matthews  – for the cost of one of the Mission’s solo or family food parcels.

    The venture will be promoted at another Art4Food project on Late Night Art, in collaboration with ArtDego, where snacks sold in Khartoum Place by the Temaki Food Truck New Zealand will help fund meals to be delivered to Auckland City Mission the following week.



    “The Changing Lanes project on the St Matthew-in-the-City site is an opportunity for people to enjoy and obtain artworks by contributing something to support people in need while also drawing attention to an important social issue,” Tiffany Singh says.



    Social practice artist Tiffany Singh is committed to using art as a tool for education, empowerment and communication. She is interested in installation projects where community building is a primary theme. Forthcoming projects also include an installation about refugees in New Zealand for a large-scale work for Waiheke Island’s Sculpture on the Gulf next February.




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