• 04Aug

    Yours to tell | Catherine Hunt


    Yours to tell is a group exhibition engaging the art of storytelling through sculpture, video, photography and installation. Artists, curators, designers, thinkers and makers were asked to communicate one story, any story, with the sole purpose of embracing their own authority to share. Yours to tell considers the contexts in which certain intimacies are divulged and the entwining vulnerabilities that both storyteller and audience are subject to. Grounded in feminine energy, each work exudes the innate resilience of its’ maker; exploring the micro junctures of a lived experience to challenge how and where we as the collective audience allow these to become (or exclude from becoming) part of our storied past.

    Within the exhibition is a group project breakme/harder curated by Noelia Portela, and an installation in the archive room by Sarah Stuart takes cue from the exhibition to reframe the function of the space.

    I’m not the one speaking – An exhibition catalogue w/ poster insert will accompany the show with words by Caroline Anderson, Taria Baquie, Brooke Fiafia, Catherine Hunt, Noelia Portela and Faith Wilson.



    Yours to tell
    Jamie Berry | Leala Faleseuga | Brooke Fiafia | Valasi L.S | Sarah Stuart | Curated by Catherine Hunt


    Gabrielle Amodeo | Rosario Aninat | Audrey Baldwin | Jordana Bragg | Ruby Joy Eade | Sofía Rocha-Casenave | Curated by Noelia Portela

    RM, gallery is open Thursday and Friday from 1-6pm, Saturday from 11-4pm.

    Opening night Wednesday 3 August 6-8pm
    4 – 20 August @ RM, Gallery

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