• Tea Lounge

    Drink some tea! Dance with T! Join us to experience a Te Uru gallery space in an entirely new way. Tea Lounge is a collaborative installation featuring legendary video installation performance artist Linda T (of LTTV and D.A.N.C.E. Art Club) and Tasty Space Tea, a West Auckland collective who aim to provide tea as a way of creating temporary and accessible community spaces. They share the common aim of finding ways for visitors to come together and participate in the making of an art event. Tea Lounge will feature music, tea and dancing as well as a ‘performance zone’ where a live feed of dancing feet will be projected back into the gallery, providing a fun way to see yourself as part of the work.


    Linda T


    22 August, 12–6pm 23 August, 10am–4.30pm


    Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery, 420 Titirangi Road, Auckland

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