We are Tautai, an organisation dedicated to the development and ongoing support of Pacific arts and artists. The name Tautai draws on the Samoan word for navigator, reflecting our desire to work alongside artists and offer guidance in enhancing their art practice.

    Tautai was formed in the 1980s, when Samoan artist Fatu Feu'u and a group of friends came together with the shared aim of supporting the small group of then emerging artists and promoting Pacific visual arts. Since then, Tautai has supported the growing number of Pacific artists working across a range of art forms. We offer artists opportunities to come together through a range of activities, including mentoring, professional development, exhibition projects, workshops and social gatherings. In this way, Tautai not only helps Pacific artists to grow and succeed in their chosen contemporary art form, but also in their lives and as individuals making positive contributions to their wider communities.

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  • Meet our team

    Behind Tautai’s programme of art-related activities and events is a team of passionate and dedicated staff. As a charitable trust, we also have a Board of Trustees, who bring a wide range of attributes and skills to the governance of Tautai.

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  • Fetu ta'i

    Tautai are embarked on an amazing journey opening New Zealand and the world to the many wonders of Pacific art. It’s an extremely rewarding and fulfilling venture helping to unlock the potential of the new and existing artists that form part of family.

    Our Fetu Ta’i donor programme – meaning ‘Guides of the Voyage’ in Samoan – is an opportunity to join our journey, where you will in touch with many new and exciting aspects of the art world. You will enjoy invitations to four special social events each year. As an honoured friend of Tautai, we’ll also keep in regular contact with you regarding upcoming events and developments in the Tautai community.

    We launched this special program in October 2013, inviting people to make a commitment to be part of our community, to meet artists, learn more about who they are and what they are doing and to support us so we can support their endeavours. We asked people to make a commitment to giving us an annual donation of $1,000.

    So far, a number of people have done that, and one couple have very generously made a commitment to giving us $100,000 over the next five years. We very much look forward to welcoming you as a cherished friend and supporter of Tautai, and hope it will be a long-term and mutually rewarding partnership. If you would like to join our journey, please call the Tautai Manager Courtney Sina Meredith on 09 376 1665 or email

    Fetu Ta’i Donors:

    Rose and John Dunn, Adrian Burr, Ema Aitken and David Galler, Philippa Archibald and Alan McChesney, Art & Object, Kriselle Baker and Richard Douglas, Phif and Grant Bettjeman, Rosie Brown and Graham Wall, Sherry and Gary Butler, Jenny and Rick Carlyon, Joanna and John Chaplin, Chartwell Trust, Angela and Mark Clatworthy, Annie Coney, Christine Fenby and Greg Gaylor, Antonia Fisher and Stuart Grieve, Virginia and Stephen Fisher, Friedlander Foundation, Dame Jenny Gibbs, Jo and Terry Gould, Jo and John Gow, Josephine and Ross Green, Catherine and Michael Hapgood, Anne and Peter Hinton, Sally and Peter Jackson, Sir Christopher and Dayle, Lady Mace, Geri and Richard Martin, Kathy and Bill Peake, Rei Foundation, Fran and Geoff Ricketts, Jenny and Andrew Smith, Madelene Strong, Fran Wyborn

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  • Our Funders

    To enable us to fulfil our role in promoting Pacific art, Tautai receives major public funding from Creative New Zealand and also receives significant funding from the Foundation North and Fetu Ta’i, a recently established supporters group.

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  • We are also grateful for the support from Coopers and Freshfish Studio.

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