• 26Aug

    The Cold Islanders | Waikato Museum

    Daniel Satele, Teuila Fatupaito, Natasha Matila-Smith, Dylan Lind, Darcell Apelu, Ka-Lani Ianusi, Salome Tanuvasa, Talia Smith, Emily Mafile’o, Vea Mafile’o, Tina Pihema, Reina Sutton and Molana Sutton, Ahilapalapa Rands and Melanie Rands, Lana Lopesi, Faith Wilson, JLo Karora, Jessica Hansell / COCO SOLID, Pati Solomona Tyrell, Tanu Gago, Jermaine Dean, Sione Monu, Jasmine Te Hira, John Vea, Louisa Afoa, Chris Ulutupu, Matasila Freshwater, Ah Sin Ah Sin

    The Cold Islanders

    26 August – 3 December 2017

    Waikato Museum







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    The Cold Islanders



    The physical adjustment to the cold winters of Aotearoa would have been difficult for Maaori, equally so for the second wave of Pacific migrants on arrival here.



    The second and third generations of Pacific and Oceanic peoples have adjusted to the cold, but their adjustments have had to be internal. The artists in this exhibition trawl their oceans within through dreams, grandparents’ watery memories and droplets of inherited culture to find their coordinates. Often their only navigational compass is the salt water in their blood which yields ancient chants and images ensuring their oceans will never freeze. They are cognisant of not being island-based Islanders; visibility, not authenticity, is their goal. The Pacific-fluid person alone reserves the right to state where they might sit on the Pacific spectrum.




    11am Activation – Tufala Meri performed by Reina and Molana Sutton
    11.30am Tea with the artists
    12.30pm Introduction to the exhibition
    12.45pm Short story reading – The Arrival by Daniel Satele
    1.20pm Interpretation of a traditional Hawai’ian hula – Ka-Lani Ianusi and Tongaporutu Neha
    1.30pm Theatre performance – Spot the Difference, Antony Aiono and Benny Marama
    2pm Talanoa
    4pm Final Karakia / Deactivation



    The Cold Islanders - Waikato Museum

    The Cold Islanders – Waikato Museum



    Education programmes are available for this exhibition.


    Waikato Museum
    1 Grantham Street
    South end of Victoria Street
    New Zealand



    Image: Video still from ‘Reaction to Insults’ and ‘Individualistic’ from Video Performance Series: The Response Series, 2013 by Darcell Apelu (Niue/Aotearoa), Courtesy of Waikato Museum.

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