Tautai Contemporary Pacific Arts Trust is recognised as a major contributor to the support and development of the Pacific arts community. We are seeking a special person to join our team and take responsibility for the delivery of our digital media services.



    This is a full time position and the role requires someone that has strong communication skills, digital expertise and experience. The role requires the ability to write and design material for the website, the Tautai e-campaigns and also design of material for exhibition collateral.   They need to be well organised, innovative and energetic, and should have a collaborative approach to working with a diverse group.



    Key responsibilities include the effective delivery of Tautai’s strategic objectives for digital media use; strengthening the publicity and digital presence of Tautai, and the management of all online resources and communications.



    Artists are the focus of Tautai. We deliver a broad program aimed at providing artists from secondary school age through to senior established artists with professional development opportunities and art related events to support and inspire them in their artistic lives. 



    We are keen to hear from people who have the experience and skills to fulfil this role and who have an interest in supporting Pacific art and artists.



    Please email a cover letter outlining why you feel you would be the best person for this role – along with your CV to before Monday 6 November 2017.



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