• Residency Program – The Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (Japan)


    The Aomori Contemporary Art Centre began in December 2001 as a facility centered around the Artist in Residence (AIR) Program, which invites artists both domestic and abroad to stay at the ACAC for a certain period of time to conduct creative activities.

    The ACAC’s AIR Program candidates are selected biannually through both recommendation and public offering, and each program is approximately a three-month residence.


    In addition, the AIR Program holds a variety of projects, exhibitions, and workshops, which are held throughout the year.


    While the ACAC’s AIR Program supports artists’ resident productions and exhibitions during their stay, other interactive programs– such as workshops, lectures, and collaborative work–facilitate wide-ranging art experiences for diverse interaction between the actual artists themselves and students and citizens.


    ACAC aims to contribute to the promotion of art culture and cultivation of art-sensitive persons.


    Therefore, on this AIR program, the goal is not only to support the artist whilst they create work, but also to use the program as a tool with which to educate the local audience about art.


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