• 11Nov

    Enjoy Feminisms

    Feminism in Aotearoa/New Zealand and abroad is often represented in the mainstream media as a white middle-class issue focused around sex and career. But this barely touches the edges of the multiplicity of feminisms and how feminisms have affected all of our lives. This year we put out a proposal call for exhibition works, actions, and pieces for the Enjoy Occasional Journal which expand the discourse on feminisms.

    This exhibition contains eight pieces of work: three on display in the gallery, three onsite performative/participatory works, and two offsite participatory works. These works extrapolate the complex ways that feminisms are involved in the lives and perspectives of these artists. Feminisms to these artists weave together the complexities of race, sexuality, class, and nationality. We invite you, your perspectives and your lived experiences to this exhibition to enlarge this discussion.

    Love Feminisms, the latest version of the Enjoy Occasional Journal, will also be launched at the exhibition opening and will further enhance this discussion, with essays on everything from the Anzac cookie to menstrual blood to the gendering of architectural space.

    Includes work from Sian Torrington, Dilohana Lekamage, Faith and Leafa Wilson, Single Brown Female, Fresh and Fruity


    11 November – 12 December 2015


    Enjoy Gallery, Wellington



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