• E:SCAPE Sculpture in the Landscape

    Kim Paton was the invited by the Waikato Sculpture Trust to Curate E:scape at Waitakaruru Arboretum and Sculpture Park Curatorial premise: Waitakaruru Arboretum and Sculpture Park presents the opportunity to exhibit art in a truly unique and challenging environment, It provides the artist with the opportunity to experiment with notions of scale, context and materials beyond the conventional limitations of a gallery environment and allows visitors a contemplative and engaging setting for viewing art. The sheer scale and natural beauty of the park raises a significant challenge for the artist. What needs to be added to this environment? The gallery exists as a means for stripping away context, at Waitakaruru artists have to negotiate land, light, weather, colour etc. I am interested in the point where the work meets and connects with the environment. This connection may be complimentary or conflicting, supportive or subversive, regardless though it is this relationship which communicates with the viewer. Invited artists will reflect the scope of innovative contemporary art practice in New Zealand. Emphasis will be placed on emerging artists as well as established artists who are interested in moving outside of traditional gallery environments.


    Includes John Ioane


    19 March – 6 June


    Waitakaruru Sculpture Park, Waikato

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