• 06Oct


    Emerging choreographers take on contemporary dance, mixing traditional forms with aerial circus, interactive props and Pacific folklore. Physical stamina, innovation and sophistication infuse these new New Zealand dance works.


    Katerina Fatupaito presents Burnt Skin — Inspired by a family story about an Ai Tagata (cannibal); he is never spoken of and his story has diminished to a mere legend.  There are no songs and no chants to help ‘uncover’ and re-tell the ‘ Legend of  Leaitutuliafili’ in its fullness. The dance is told through the eyes of an Ai Tagata and in doing so, it takes us into an unknown territory of a family story.


    The New Zealand Dance Company presents Company of Another — An exploration of two :  two bodies, two energies, two styles, two responses. Choreographed by Katie Rudd performed by NZDC dancers Chris Ofanoa and Katie Rudd, set to music by Brandon Wolcott and Emil Abramyan.


    Includes Katerina Fatupaito and Chris Ofanoa


    6 October – 7 October



    Q Theatre, 305 Queens Street, Auckland

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