• 14Sep

    Get the picture | Blak Dot Gallery

    Celebrating our 1st Birthday, Blak Dot presents Get the picture part of this years Fringe Festival, an exploration of representation and depiction within the realms of cinema, photography and new media.


    Get the picture references historical powers of representation and storytelling as a legacy of resistance and resilience. Over time we have seen how a formerly powerless people have embraced still and moving image media to challenge and change the dynamics of their own depiction. The exhibition explores how cinematography and new media sit with each other today to empower self-representation and self-expression.


    Blak Dot provides a cinematic experience whereby exclusion and segregation play a vital performative role in something as simple as watching a film. Curated by Catherine Hunt and Kimba Thompson, artists include Maree Clarke, Robert George, Monique Gilpin, Genevieve Grieves, Nyla Innuksuk, Sione Monu, Tabita Rezaire and Christopher Ulutupu.


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