• Impressive 2

    A special feature of this year’s Impressive 2 exhibition are selected items from Auckland Museum’s Pacific Collection on view to the public for the first time during the SouthSide Arts Festival.


    Curator Gabrielle Belz says: “In Asia and the Pacific, print and the decoration of fibre has an ongoing tradition, imparting messages and information, recording history and anecdote in a visual media. Many textile works from these regions have significant decoration indicating mana, prestige and the identification of the wearer.

    The development of books in both Asia and Europe also contributed to print, and made the duplication of illustrations available to a wider public with the use of woodcuts. Japanese prints influenced the French Impressionists. Screen printing in the West began around this time as a direct influence of the Japanese works.
    Includes Fatu Feu’u, Dagmar Dyck, Cerisse Palalagi and Daniel Waswas.

    19 October-13 November


    Nathan Homestead, Auckland


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