• 01May

    Ko ‘eku ‘iai: Visesio Poasi Siasau

    1 May – 2 June 2018
    Fresh Gallery Ōtara 


    The Tongan part of the title ‘Ko ‘eku ‘iai’ translates into English as ‘My Existence’. In 2017 the Tongan King Tupou VI made a momentous decision to dissolve the Tongan parliament and commanded a new election be held, it was unprecedented for the King to use his power in this way. This event was the catalyst for a number of Talanoa (discussions) and soul searching about the meaning of democracy and the reality of Tongan life and existence. In response to this moment artist Visesio Poasi Siasau explores the philosophical meaning and the connection of all things in a Tongan context, the moral and ethical values of his culture.


    For Ko ‘eku ‘iai – My Existence Fresh Gallery Ōtara is filled with a sculptural installation made up of stylised red and black hiapo (mulberry plants). It is a plantation that reflects the holistic principals of Tongan culture. The hiapo (mulberry plants) are adorned with western medical apparatus to signify the Tongan concept of tauhi vaha’a or spatial relatedness.


    Image: Visesio Siasau, Ha’a kalatosi, 2018

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