• 24Oct

    Local Sound

    “Where we are born, where we grow up is not usually a choice given to us. Some families move quite often where as others set up their families for life creating a strong identity of place. Whether the choice was ours or not the location of our upbringing contributes to our sense of being in the world. Local Sound consists of two artists who grew up in Papakura and still have strong connections to people and communities within it. The project will be an exploration of a local time and space and the cultural memory embedded therein. The works will be investigating ideas surrounding the continual transformation and shifts of our community, thinking about ideas such as place, culture, identity and difference.” Louisa Afoa & Anita Jacobson


    Louisa Afoa and Anita Jacobson


    24 October – 5 December


    Papakura Art Gallery, 10 Averill Street, Auckland

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