• The Lost World

    Uxbridge Creative Centre is thrilled to host a solo exhibition by multimedia artist Sheyne Tuffery. Based in Wellington, Tuffery’s exhibition The Lost World explores what New Zealand’s first wave of Polynesian seafarers initially encountered in this garden of earthly delights with its enormous wingless birds and unique reptiles. With media ranging from relief prints, oil paintings and digital works on paper, The Lost World will cement Tuffery as a leading creative figure.

    Drawing on his Samoan heritage, Tuffery’s prints and paintings frequently feature symbols and visual references of a Polynesian nature embedded in the shapes and forms occupying his compositions. In The Lost World these forms are native New Zealand birdlife and reptiles, extinct and living, with elegant Moas sharing the landscape with oversized tuataras and penguins.

    After graduating with a Master of Fine Arts (Honours) from the Elam School of Fine Arts in 2000, Tuffery has exhibited extensively throughout New Zealand and Europe. In the past decade he has won numerous awards, including the Martin Hughes Contemporary Pacific Art Award in 2002. Tuffery has also received artist in residence posts in several Auckland schools, including Howick College where he will be returning to teach workshops following the exhibition.


    Sheyne Tuffery


    29 April – 18 May


    Uxbridge Creative Centre, Howick, Auckland

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