• 23Jul

    Matthew Faiumu Salapu | Resample Guåhan

    Resample GuÃ¥han is a  twenty minute long soundscape composition by South Auckland Urban/ Pacific/ Avant Garde Music Producer ‘Anonymouz’ (Matthew Faiumu Salapu), created entirely out of audio samples recorded on location from the various natural environments and performance events taking place around Guam at the recent 12th Festival of the Pacific Arts Guam 2016 (Guam FestPac 2016).

    The soundscape, intricately constructed using urban Hip Hop music production techniques as well as an EQ filtering method where he is able to tune any location sound recording into a tuned, playable keyboard instrument is also accompanied by visuals shot on location by international award winning videographer Tuki Laumea, assisted by Junior Nanai.


    The sampled audio recordings have also been loosely arranged thematically and chronologically to the story of I’iga Pisa, one of the original ten ‘Mau a Pule’ Samoan “matai’s” (chiefs) who were exiled by the German government to Saipan in 1909, before he daringly voyaged solo across to Guam to further educate himself before returning back to Samoa many years later. He was the only surviving member of the original exiled group to witness Samoa’s Independence Day in 1962, a fitting story that coincidentally parallels the current plight of the indigenous Chamorro people of Guåhan/ Guam who will soon be voting for their own independence.


    Resample GuÃ¥han has screened at; Guam Museum, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision Wellington, Mangere Arts Centre – Ngā Tohu o Uenuku (from 23 July – 3 September).

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