• Op City and Itupapa Itulagi

    Birthed during Singhs recent Samoan residency the earthenware vessels were formed & fired at the Tiapapata Arts Center, in Apia Samoa. Responding to the familiar mythology; from destruction comes creation. From the fire the vessels are textured and patterned with the smoke & ashes, which naturally decorate the ceramic temples. They are then dressed with sacred objects providing sanctuary for the wax gods, that have become Singhs signature motif.


    These fired earth temples represent the offerings the earth provides us with and are combined with the Apple (seed of consciousness), Lotus (Eastern creation myth) Thep Phnom (the Buddhist guardian angel), Mary (sacred feminine) and Ganesh (Hindu god for removing obstacle) to create domestic altarpieces. The earthenware temples reflect the process-based methodology of Singh’s practice and her use of all natural materials echoes her participatory installation work.


    Andy Leleisi’uao: ‘Op City’ series and Tiffany Singh: ITUPAPA ITULAGI (Part Rock, Part Heaven) Window Installation.


    6 December – 24 December


    Whitespace, Auckland.

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