• Recall

    Recall by Louise Tu’u is a proposed residence for participants, interested in being present, working within the confines of the space and aiming to privilege the visible over the legible. As things change, we remain the same. The work itself is concerned with degrees of immobility that is at odds with the freedom of roaming.


    Recall reconstitutes textual elements of the last five shows, presented prior to Recall: This Area Is For Players Only from Bob van der Wal, THE UNCONSCIOUS RUIN: DRAWING MINOR ARCHITECTURE by Brendon Sellar, tectonic industries ‘The Green Green Grass…, Philippa Nielsen ‘s ‘Zen Generator’ and Ella Sutherland with “The right here and the moving”.


    If you have one, please bring your smartphone and contact the gallery attendant upon your arrival. We look forward to meeting you and sharing your experiences online.


    Louise Tu’u


    12 August – 23 August


    ST PAUL St Gallery Frontbox

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