• Crosshatching

    13 August – 6 September 2014 Featuring Lonnie Hutchingson, Monique Jansen and Peter Trevelyan Bartley and Company art: 56A Ghuznee St, Te Aro, Wellington This exhibition brings together three artists whose work can be characterised by its interest in repetitive mark making. Using the simplest of materials — pencil lead, paper and knife — in approaches that may be seen as great obsessions they make marks, lines and cuts to produce two and three-dimensional forms that play with pattern and form, light and shadow. While crosshatching literally refers to traditional drawing technique of putting lines at angles to each other to create tonal variations, the word itself suggests something new being brought forth in the interactions and conversations generated by these three practices.   Image: Monique Jansen, Accordian Fold, 2014, pencil on paper   < BACK TO LISTINGS
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