• The Checkmate of Wild Rainbows

    Andy Leleisi’uao’s paintings offer us a perspective of the world that is unique, dynamic, passionate and sometimes painful and sad too. He sees what some others miss and incorporates this into his paintings. He sees what’s beyond the end of most peoples’ peripheral vision. He is a sorcerer, painter and capturer of our dreams, nightmares, visions, imagination and memories.


    Andy’s current series titled The Checkmate of Wild Rainbows is in homage to all those great men and women who are quoted on the Wall of Words (by Story Inc.) at the Vero Centre on Shortland Street, Auckland. This 9m x 15m installation in the lobby of our countries tallest office building features over 70 literary and other quotations that ‘capture the spirit of New Zealand’. Andy could not merely paint ‘famous’ or celebrity faces, so he chose to paint portraits of these beautiful strong animals, ancient and that are now either heavily endangered, extinct, or on the brink of extinction. The spirit or mana that is carried through the messages from the great people who contributed to New Zealand and further is symbolised through each of these majestic animals with their old souls. They are bigger than themselves. Like the trophy heads that hang throughout the world reminding us of a hunting era that was once one of the most popular sports and exports of third world countries such as Africa and India and Asia and the dark world of poaching. David Smith reports in his New Zealand Herald article from last month, “World losing wildlife poaching war”.


    Andy Leleisi’uao


    20 April – 22 May


    Pierre Peeters Gallery: Vero, VERO Centre, 48 Shortland St, Auckland

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