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    The Gendered Lens | Milford Galleries Dunedin

    Yuki Kihara, Anne Noble, Fiona Pardington, Lisa Reihana, Natalie Robertson, Ann Shelton, Christine Webster and Ans Westra.

    The Gendered Lens

    20 May – 14 Jun 2017

    Milford Galleries Dunedin






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    The Gendered Lens



    The Gendered Lens explores the ways in which New Zealand women use the camera to
    conceptualise and frame the world. Milford Galleries curators Vanessa Jones and Lisa Wilkie have brought together works by a selection of New Zealand’s most prominent female photographers to examine the conceptual, aesthetic, and medium-specific concerns that underpin their artistic practices.


    Susan Sontag calls photography a polylogue, which is built upon interchangeable points of view1 and the works in The Gendered Lens illustrate this, investigating social histories, cultural matrices, and the roles of place and time. Some bodies of works do overtly consider the performance and reproduction of gender in the everyday: Christine Webster’s Therapies series examines the societal/historical constructs in which the aging, female body exists and is viewed. Yuki Kihara looks at the intersection of gender with narratives of race and colonisation as she addresses the ways Pasifika bodies and cultures have been – and continue to be – objectified and commodified.


    In the juxtaposition of the highly produced portraiture of Lisa Reihana and the intimate social documentary of Ans Westra, the viewer might consider the roles of insider or outsider, and the alternate perspectives of each. Anne Noble’s Bitch in Slippers is simultaneously a commentary about human impact on the environment as well as a consideration of the visibility of the feminine in the traditionally masculine arena of Antarctic exploration. The gendering of madness and the politics of incarceration are explored by Ann Shelton in her 2003 work Cell (After An Angel at My Table), in which the photographer uses her camera to make visible hidden narratives of power and control.



    Milford Galleries Dunedin, 20 May – 14 June 2017


    Lisa Wilkie
    March, 2017

    Sontag, Susan, On Photography. (New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1973).




    Milford Galleries Dunedin

    18 Dowling Street, Dunedin,

    New Zealand 

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