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    WWI had an enormous impact on New Zealand’s relationships with the Pacific Islands.  ManAtua — which translates from Samoan as ‘to remember’ — is a live performance choreographed by Terry Faleono and Peresetene Afato for the dance company TuMAU. Developed from previous performances in Avondale and Mangere Art Centre, the dance ceremony seeks to prompt a renewed consciousness about our own responses to the legacies of war. Taking place at the top of Soldiers Memorial Walkway, the site where Titirangi’s memorial obelisk once stood, ManAtua considers what it means to remember while suggesting a new, ephemeral type of memorial.  ManAtua is part of Te Uru’s ongoing series called 
The Memorial Project. Over the WWI00 commemoration period, Te Uru will stage talks, events and performances that consider how memorials function and how they might be used to contextualise and understand our own local histories.


    Terry Faleono and Peresetene Afato


    24 January 2016 6.30pm

    Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery, Titirangi, West Auckland, New Zealand (formerly Lopdell House Gallery)

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