• Between Wind and Water

    Between Wind and Water is an exhibition project timed to coincide with the annual Positively Pasifika Festival. In an effort to leverage off Wellington City Council’s civic celebration of Pacific cultures and communities, the project aims to attract and engage new Pacific audiences and symbolically centralise Pacific perspectives on contemporary art, interpretation and value.


    An exhibition of new works by three South Auckland based artists provides the context for a series of talks, gatherings and activities offering audiences opportunities to discuss the artworks, themes, and wider context of making [and curating] art of and about Pacific experience in Aotearoa New Zealand.


    New media artist Tanu Gago has attracted significant attention for his staged photographs that reframe masculinity, sexual identity and cultural privilege. His video works are digital landscapes of new Polynesian pop culture, ‘ghetto narratives’ from 21st century South Auckland. Leilani Kake’s powerful video installations document family, ritual, cultural transmission and taboo. In a new and exploratory work, MALE – Māori or Polynesian, she begins to unpack stereotypes of criminality and the dichotomies of criminal/victim, brother/other. In Luisa Tora’s multidisciplinary practice, she employs visual codes and cultural references to interrogate historical and embedded power dynamics, value and values. Her installation, Naqalotu: Na qalo tu is informed by the origin story from her village in Kadavu (Fiji), symbolic relationships between people, histories, land and sea.


    When one is between wind and water, they are said to be in a precarious or vulnerable position. Twenty years after Jim Vivieaere’s seminal show, Bottled Ocean, this exhibition project aims to stir the murky waters of contemporary Pacific art politics broaching issues of labels, positioning and expectations, diversity quotas, criticism and growth for Pacific art and artists in a post-identity era.


    Public Programme Events

    Pacific vs Art: A Discussion on Curating Pacific Art
    Join writer-curators Ioana Gordon-Smith, Daniel Michal Satele and Between Wind and Water curator, Ema Tavola, in a spirited discussion facilitated by Sean Mallon, on Pacific art and the politics of engagement.
    Time: 5.30pm
    Date: Wednesday 14 January


    Artist Talk: Leilani Kake
    Exhibiting artist, Leilani Kake discusses the themes and inspiration for her new work, MALE – Māori or Polynesian, within the wider context of her video installation practice.
    Time: 5.30pm
    Date: Thursday 15 January


    Oceania Interrupted: Empowering Collective Action – Meet & Greet
    Meet members of Auckland-based collective, Oceania Interrupted, visiting Wellington to undertake the 8th of 15 Actions to raise awareness for West Papua.
    Time: 5.30pm
    Date: Friday 16 January


    Naqalotu: Na qalo tu – A panel discussion on new work by Luisa Tora
    Exhibiting artist, Luisa Tora will discuss her new work and themes along with guest speakers, Kaliopate Tavola ( on Fijian identity and totemic relationships, and Milena Palka (Marine Species Advocate, WWF) on shark populations and protection in the Pacific.
    Time: 5.30pm
    Date: Wednesday 21 January


    Artist Talk: Tanu Gago
    Exhibiting artist, Tanu Gago discuss the themes and inspiration for his new exploratory video work, The Sound of the Ocean.
    Time: 5.30pm
    Date: Thursday 22 January


    BWAW Futures Forum
    What does an ideal future look like for Pacific people in Aotearoa and Oceania? A series of quick-fire utopian dream talks from diverse Pacific perspectives, including Dr Teresia Teaiwa, Fuimaono Karl Pulotu-Endemann, Faith Wilson and more!
    Time: 2pm
    Date: Saturday 24 January
    * This is the last event in the Between Wind and Water Summer Residency; closing drinks will follow this event.


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    Tanu Gago, Leilani Kake, Luisa Tora curated by Ema Tavola


    10 January – 24 January


    Enjoy Public Art Gallery, 147 Cuba Street, Wellington


    Image: Video still, “The sound of the ocean” (2014) by Tanu Gago


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